Friday, November 23, 2007

CaterpillaR, ButterflY and SnakE

Caterpillar, butterfly and snake are three kind of animal which remembering me to the childhood.
I remember that time I was very scared if I saw a caterpillar also snake but I like most to the butterfly its flying from a flower to another flower.
Once times my father said to me” my son, lets we pay attention to this fact, butterfly that you like it the most is a caterpillar before. Then in certain age “the frighten caterpillar” doing a fasting and metamorphose become a beautiful butterfly. In certain age snake also doing a fasting like caterpillar with the result snake change its skin with the new one skin but it’s still a snake."

So, in your life please you do like what caterpillar does. Means every changing in your life must be made you better than before. Every change makes your attitude better and wiser and every change makes you more beneficial to the community and to the whole universe. You mustn’t do likes snake where every changes cannot makes it better but only changes skin, its still snake even more ferocious than before.."

(Caterpillar and butterfly photos by MA Gani, Snake courtesy PapuaWeb )


  1. Interestin post!

  2. halo Deden, Im back..I am so busy lately because its spring break of my eldest son so play and works...i will vist you again and check me out too...and my other blog at see you there.

  3. I have those caterpillars in my yard during summer. We call them 'cutworms'. They love to eat my tomato plants.

  4. i like the reflection this post :)