Friday, April 13, 2007

World without internet?

Have you imagine if someday we cannot access internet anymore?

This case happens to me where I haven't connection as long as 2 weeks, caused by a trouble with my internet provider I connected to. During those days my connections to the internet always fails and fail.

I hate that situation and realized that I need an internet connection in my life. I think I'm internet addicted already. Without internet I feel world become wider, unreachable and look like back to the ancient era.

Thank God this case only happens just for two weeks (I hope no trouble anymore) and now I’m back to the internet. Back to small village namely ‘world’ with no distance, no country, no continent restriction. I possible visit all the friends, say hello, reading some interesting topic even write this topic to you wherever you are.

One thing I learn from this trouble; that’s right what people said that something or someone has meaning full to us is exactly when it’s gone;

We feel our healthy is important exactly when we are sick, while when we’re in a good health we’re neglectful keeping in good health.

We feel disappointed to our self have not enough care to someone what we love after he/she far from us.


  1. oh! gosh, i will go insane if it will happen for a week. I can't even stand without opening my blog for a day 'hahahah'....but gosh Den, i got spoiled here in the state but back home in the Philippines good gracious we have nothing and it seems everything was okay and it really did not bothers me at all.
    I went for a visit last year and stayed with my mom and tatay and no computer and internet but it was okay..i do used internet cafe though to chat with my joe...Aw! I think i wrote to much now...I will park here and hope your connection will be staying with you always. Have a great day and you all take care.

  2. Soon I'll be leaving for a tour! I'll not have internet for about 3 Months...god I'm already sweating!