Saturday, April 25, 2009


Masakan Padang (cuisine of Padang) It’s very spicy food. Padang restaurants are common throughout the country and their unique way of serving it. Padang food is served in small portions of various dishes with rice, a complete meal.

In a Padang-style restaurant, the table will quickly be set with dozens of small dishes filled with highly-flavored foods such as curried fish, roasted chicken,
cassava leaf boiled, chili eggplant, curried beef liver, fried chicken, and of course, sambals, the spicy sauces ubiquitous at Indonesian tables. Customers take - and pay for - only what they want from this array of dishes. The best known Padang dish is rendang, a spicy meat stew. Soto Padang (crispy beef in spicy soup) is local residents' breakfast favorite, meanwhile Sate (beef satay in curry sauce served with ketupat) is a treat in the evening.

photos by:MZ Gani

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