Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Puncak Pass area has long been the foremost weekend retreat for residents of Jakarta. Located only one or two hours drive from Jakarta. The cool, fresh air and the magnificent view offer you a calm, fresh and peaceful feeling. In the afternoon, sunsets from the top of the pass can be quite spectacular.

This area also surrounded by many attractions, such as Safari Park, Flower Park, Cibodas Botanical Gardens, the Gede and Pangrango national park, Gunung Mas tea plantation and other tourist attractions nearby Puncak Pass Area. Along Puncak Pass road, we will find many hotels, villas and restaurants with varied price and facilities. Many of them provide local dishes. There are also warungs or food stalls that provide light meals such as toast, roasted corn and traditional drinks which can make your body warm at night, like bajigur and bandrek.

Note: Puncak meant peak of mountain.

photo: courtesy to Ria Novosti

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