Monday, January 19, 2009

A Country with 742 languages!!!

The old aphorism said that Language show nation and according to a theory that in a language consisted cultural substance. Language viewed as firmest reflection identity a culture socializes.
It’s the very strong fastener to maintain cultural existence and certain entity.

Indonesia is a large country with total population about 250 million people. Official language is Bahasa Indonesia but people in every region has own ethnic language. You might be surprised if I tell you that total of the local language are a sum of 742 languages!!!

Unfortunately, nowadays many of vernacular are incoming of “yellow zone” goes to destruction. Moreover some of vernacular totally disappeared. Some people said this thing was an ethnical blurred identity caused by influence of globalization era marked with domination of international language.

Not only on local language. Some region also has their own character but also like vernacular or local language, local characters ‘destiny’ were likely local language too, disappeared from among people itself.


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  3. wow! how in the world do they get along?! hahaha! pretty much like pinoys! puno nang regionalization hahaha