Sunday, June 10, 2007

Krakatau Volcano

Guys, after I write about Sunda strait now I will post about a volcano in the Sunda strait is Krakatau.

Krakatau volcano lies in the Sunda strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra. In about 416 A.D., caldera collapse destroyed the volcano and formed a 4-mile (7-km) wide caldera.

The islands of Krakatau, Verlaten, and Lang are remnants of this volcano. The eruption and collapse of the caldera in 1883 produced one of the largest explosions on Earth in recorded time (VEI=6) and destroyed much of Krakatau island, leaving only a remnant. Since 1927, small eruptions have been frequent and have constructed a new island, Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau).

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    Maju terus blogger Sunda! Keep on good work, ya Kang!