Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pramuka Bird Market

The Pramuka bird market in Jakarta, Indonesia, is Southeast Asia's largest bird and wildlife market. Located in the northeast corner of the city, it is the largest of the city's three bird markets. Pramuka has been in operation since 1975, starting in a building housing 124 market stalls.

Many of the birds on display can only be found in the wild with considerable effort. Most naturalists visiting Java will return home without seeing Java sparrows, chestnut-capped and whistling thrushes, and local laughing thrushes - unless they see them at Pramuka.

While several hundred parrots of a dozen or more species could always be found, parrots and other CITES-listed species were always greatly outnumbered by non-CITES birds. This is because the Pramuka market serves the local demand, and none of the species on display are for the export market.

Ironically, the demand for these species is great because of the protected status - owning and displaying them shows you are "above the law."
Thanks to MZ Ghani for the pictures!

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  1. Di Jogja juga ada pasar burung lho... tp mungkin ga sebesar di Pramuka, Jkt.