Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jawa Barat

Jawa Barat (West Java) has the easiest accessibility from Jakarta as the capital city is an enclave in this province. Stretching from Bogor and Bekasi to the border of Central Java, a mountain range passes through the centre from east to west and peaks into smoldering volcanoes.

Jawa Barat has its own culture and language, apart from the rest of the Island and the people and language are called Sunda. History gives Jawa Barat a prominent place, together with the famous kings of Tarumanegara, Pajajaran and Cirebon and remnants of these kingdoms make interesting study for the student of archeology.

The people of Jawa Barat differ greatly from those who live on the coastal areas and those of the highlands. Cirebon however-located on the border of West and Central Java-has a mixed culture and because of the close relations between the Cirebon and Banten kingdoms, there is much similarity in customs and dialects of the two people.

The capital of Jawa Barat, Bandung is situated on a plateau south of Jakarta; about 200 km by toll road passes through a beautiful panorama of mountains, paddy fields and small holiday resorts.

Bandung gained fame in 1955 as it was the venue for the first Asian-African conference which brought together leaders of 29 Asian and African nations with the aim to promote economic and cultural relations and to take a common stand against colonialism.

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