Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gadang House

The building above is traditional house model from Padang, west Sumatera known as “Rumah Gadang” or Gadang House, meaning that the big house, because in accordance with his function as the family's residence with all of his aspect of the customs and traditions.

The Gadang house in West Sumatra Bridge was the House Gadang nine spaces four lyrics that were marked by the rank of the poles in the middle. This house was the house on stilts because of his floor far above the land, and also usual was mentioned the Bagonjong house or the pointed house, because of his roof was pointed. The curve to his roof resembled the form of water buffalo horns, whereas his house body also buckled, the gradient like the ship body. The form of the wall of the house that grew above was acknowledged as Silek, this to avoid splashed when rain.
To climb onto the house gadang must through the ladder that was located in front of the house, and on this ladder was given the roof that esteem highly to the front. The room in the house gadang most were space was opened that is from bandua to the front, and from bandua behind was a row of rooms that was acknowledged as the room.

photos by Ipat

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