Friday, September 14, 2007


Some friends asked me about the earthquake that happened a couple days ago in my country. They worry with my safety. Thanks for your attention.
You need to know that that earthquake was happened in another part of Indonesia and it’s far from my residence.

A massive magnitude 8.4 earthquake hit Bengkulu province in Sumatera Island Wednesday at 6:10 pm local time. It was followed by 51 tremors, including one in western Sumatra's Jambi province Thursday morning that was measured at a magnitude of 7.8. The severe quakes rattled buildings in three countries and triggered tsunami warnings across the Indian and Pacific oceans.
The first and strongest quake killed at least 10 people and injured some 50 others. It set off a small nondestructive tsunami wave in the coastal city of Padang.

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  1. Really that is scary!! Good thing that is not near you. I hope no one's hurt though!