Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I Join a Business!

Really, I have many dreams in my life. One of the most of it that I want to travel over the world, visited all my friends include you, how will very nice. But that things sound like imposable to me caused my financial cannot support that my dream. Then a couple months ago a friend told me that he has two news for me. One is a good but the other is bad. The good news is that he can help me to realize my dream but the bad news is “to realize that dreaming I must work hard!”

Than he explain me about get a big money with passive income by join with two American good companies as an Independent Business Owner. One company providing services and goods while the other just providing some of trainings and seminars for business development, leadership’s skill, time management, communication skill, goal setting, etc to any members.

They operate in more than 90 countries include Indonesia. And the important thing by join with them as a network marketer we possible to sponsoring not only people around us but also to any people in another country! It’s mean we possible have the business in another countries! What a great idea!

Yea, I think that is a solution to me because beside the big money I also possible to go to abroad with free, financed by that company. Awesome!

I feel doing this business look like so simple and easy but worthed!So why finally I join the business!

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