Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a Land of Thousand Rivers

As I mention before that Kalimantan island known as a land of a thousand rivers, thousand of rivers that meander through the jungles and crisscross the island also creative white water rapids that promise a hair- rising experience. Along the eastern coast, several regions, such as Bontang Offer fabulous scenery, perfect waves for Jet Ski windsurfing and fishing.
North of the eastern province is rapidly becoming an important diving sites. The waters Derawan and Sangalaki islands hold an amazing marine environment. Visitors are lured by the chance to venture into the vast, wild and mysterious mangrove rainforest and swamps where exotic indigenous specie of florae and fauna live.
Including fabulous coral formations, canary crabs, green turtles and pearls. In Penajam, Gua Jurong is the starting point for an exploration of 13 caves that are linked together. The caves have beautiful stalactite formations.
So, guys are you ready to traveling to this island?

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