Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Water for Fuel

Read my title to this post maybe some of you think this is a joke or I’m a liar but please believe me this is a true fact!

This noon I saw a news TV which reported about innovation a man from Sulawesi or international people known as Celebes Island, a part of the Republic of Indonesia. This man made an experiment based on his perception that in rainy season consumes fuel of his motorbike always reduced, then he though its must be caused by water! Since the time he try to make a simple experiment to his motorbike and amazing finally he succeed to add a simple appliance in his motorbike which has function to make altering water become a substance which ready to burn.

Indeed, he still used gasoline but the fuel in his motorbike is a mixing between gasoline and water, with comparison 1:4, where 1 part is gasoline and 4 parts is water!

This time he is in the process of to make a patent for his masterpiece.

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