Monday, January 7, 2008

Interpreter for a Better Communication

Guys, if some day you have to speak to the people who can’t understand to your language and you use an interpreter to convey your speak, I think you must consider to some of tips below.
1. Speak to listener, not to interpreter.
Non-verbal communications also make a difference. Your eye contact with listeners is as important as what you say.
2. Get the message across directly to the person concerned.
It happens that interpreters are asked to convey message to person who are not present. Interpreters, however, are not messengers. Simply interpreter are not trained to convey message. Passing message through interpreters may create misunderstanding.
3. Give time for interpreter
Speaker, particularly when they are involved, tend to forget to give time for interpretation. During that time, listeners who do not understand English are left in the dark. They often end up losing concentration and interest in what you have to say. Also the longer you talk, the worse the quality of the interpretation.
4. Don’t talk to yourself.
When you talk in a meeting, make sure you are communicating to other members.
Some people just talk to themselves, which is impolite and confuses interpreters.
5. Interpreters do not know every technical term.
When they do not know a technical term, please' explain it gently. Such consideration makes untying an excessive strain and the group discussion can progress smoothly.
6. Give interpreters a break after 90 minutes.
Interpretation takes much concentration. It is a very tiring work. For example, simultaneous interpreters take turn after 15 minutes. Proper rest is essential in order not to have substandard interpretation.

Good luck!

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