Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, my Son!

Today is your birthday. You are 9 years old now. Of course I remember the time when you were born 9 years ago your mom must struggle alone. A week before you’re born my office sends me to attend a course in Singapore then I came back and met you for the first time was two months later.

Happy birthday to you may Allah gives you a long life with good healthy, happiness and prosperous. May your life beneficial not only for your self but also for your families, your friends, your belief, your environment, mankind moreover whole the universe.


  1. fingertalks24/2/08 04:47

    happy birthday to ur son!

    here's wishing him many birthdays and more blessings to come.


  2. Happy Birthday Basith! Hope you grow up to be a good boy.

  3. Anonymous27/2/08 17:21

    Basithhh...happy birthday yahh..kayaknya agak telat nehh tapi gpp kan...