Friday, March 14, 2008

My Page Rank Is Back!

Finally after months my goggle pr is back, although only PR 2 not PR 4 as before but it’s ok than 0. Course I still hope that soon my google PR really back to 4.

Motivate to blog of course are different to everyone. Some people use their blog as a hobby, while the others use blog for sharing experience in the certain field, some people maybe simply actualization of their self and many other reasons. And motivate some bloggers like me, besides doing all above we also use the blog to get some money by writing review of some products or services which got through some of advertisement bureau.

Even visitor to a blog not determined by PR but in fact advertisers want the review to their products or services are post in certain google page rank blog and only a few who has not objection review to their products or services posting in any rank blog.

I hope your PR also not 0 anymore and back to your PR as before moreover higher and the "golden era" for bloggers to get money from writing review will be back soon.


  1. congrats to your PR Deden!
    my site got its PR4 again,too!you`ll get it back soon! :)

  2. Good for you my friend. My PR is still zero but I hope I'll get it back soon too. More power!

  3. that's good news. congrats :)