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Life in peace without any terror, without any war, without any prejudice I think is a dreams most of the people in the world but unfortunately in fact there are so many people also feel they are doing a holy task with doing any terror even killed other person in the name of religion!

What wrong with the religion? Isn’t it true that all religion teaching the follower to love each other, to respect to all people whatever they religion, they nation, they belief, they color of skin? Then what happened to the people that always make hardness as a way of life?

As a Moslem as far as I know that the purpose of Islam is to save humankind from the anguish of this world and the world to come. Therefore the Prophet's mission was to establish justice and peace on earth and to offer guidance for salvation in the Hereafter. For all of this his method was nonviolence, because he was created as a Mercy to the Worlds.

Honestly, a press release below made me disappointed with what was going on!

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27 February 2008

Ahmadi Muslim killed in Pakistan

Basharat Ahmed Mughal murdered due to his membership of Ahmadiyya
Muslim Community

On 24 February 2008 Mr Basharat Ahmed Mughal, aged 45, of Karachi
Jama'at became the 88th Martyr of Ahmadiyyat in Pakistan since 1984. 'To Him
do we belong and to Him shall we return'.

Basharat Mughal was the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Halqa Manzoor Colony in Karachi, Pakistan. He was shot dead whilst on his
way to Fajr prayers. He was shot a number of times in his back, neck
and on his hand. According to 'The Dawn' Newspaper he died on the spot.
Further, the newspaper reports that a police case was registered against
unknown suspects at the Mehmoodabad Police Station.

Mr Athar Akram Chattha, a friend of the deceased said:

"For sure Basharat Sahib was blessed with this privilege (of martyrdom)
due to his qualities - qualities which brought tears in the eyes of
many non-Ahmadis who came over to register their grief. They couldn't
believe that a person who was so soft, kind, always ready to lend a hand,
reliever and extremely positive in nature could be a target of such

The funeral of the deceased took place at Bait-ul-Huda a mosque which
was built in great part due to the effort and prayers of Mr Basharat
Mugal. Indeed lately as the Mosque had neared completion he was heard to
regularly utter the prayer that now the Mosque had been built, may Allah
somehow fill it with worshippers. Apart from this the deceased was
known to often leave his home early in the morning so he could wake others
up for Fajr prayers.

Speaking of this atrocity the Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Community
Abid Khan said:

"The murder of Mr Basharat Mugal is an absolute tragedy. He was a very
sincere and loved member of our Community.

His death was simply due to his being a peace loving member of the
Ahmadiyya Community and this is yet another example of the severe cruelty
and persecution that members of the Ahmadiyya Community in certain
countries such as Pakistan have long had to deal with. The thoughts and
prayers of every Ahmadi Muslim is with the family of Basharat Mugal. May
God grant them all patience at this difficult time."

Within Pakistan religious extremists have long preached hatred against
the Ahmadiyya Community throughout the public and it is due to this
religious hatred that such horrific incidents continue to occur.

End of Release
Further Information:
Press Secretary: Abid Khan (07795460318)

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