Saturday, April 19, 2008

Social Community on the Net

I’m sure you are agreed with me that as a social being, friendship plays a very important role in our life, especially in our social interaction. Can you imagine how your life will be if you do not have any friends?
As we all realize that communication and information are increasingly dependent on networked digital information, community activists all over the world are developing community computer network systems, so why nowaday so many people join with community networks.
Talking about social community networking have you join with ones of them?

Indeed, there are currently hundreds of community networks over the internet but I just came across to, an interesting social community network with great features in bringing people from all walks of life closer together. Features of this community that we can enjoy being a member are chatting and listening to MP3 hits. We can also upload our photos so our newly acquired friends can see it. If we are bloggers, we can invite other members to visit our blog and request them a link exchange, share and express comments.

If you want to join with this social community, simply visit the website and join 3gb with almost 600 users (at this time and of course grow in number time to time!)

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