Wednesday, April 30, 2008

value of life lock A

As you know that so many victims of identity theft face the unnecessary consequence of having to clean up their credit which is downright annoying especially if one had been very careful with building their credit reputations and so why for that reason you need to consider protecting your identity while surfing by a life lock.

If you ask me what is the value of life lock? I will tell you that as the first choice and leading identity theft prevention service provider in the United States of America, Lifelock guarantees the customers' identity up to 1 million dollars. It does almost everything in order to protect your good name. There are many life lock codes available; RD17, 4LIFE and Privacy. The RD17 code provides the best discount available. The customer can save up to 21 dollars and also receives a 30 day free trial code for annual subscription, whereas for monthly subscription the discount for RD17 is 10 percent along with a 30 days free trial. The next code is 4Life which gives a discount of 21 dollars annual subscription whereas no discount is available for monthly subscription. The privacy code gives 10 percent discount for annual subscription with no discount available for monthly subscription.

Before you join, there are so many lifelock review available in the internet and You can go through those reviews before deciding on whether to join or not.

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