Thursday, May 8, 2008

Protect Your Identity!

Hello guys, have your identity protected from any online crimes? I think many of you have heard of your friend's ID has been hijacked to forge a new credit card, and in the end, it's being used by the hijacker to withdraw money or swapping your credit card for purchasing products. It is even more dangerous than hacking your credit card details through web. So, I think you must be considering protecting your online transaction as soon possible. And the solution for that you can find it at promises a proactive identity theft solution. They help to unsubscribe you from all of the credit card offers because they are a potential source of ID theft. LifeLock has an agreement with the major credit bureaus and monitors your credit history for unauthorized access. So, whenever someone tries to use your identity they'll get shut out identified and you'll be safe. are willing to pay you US$ 1 million to whoever identity being breached after they signed up with the company. The excellent customer service and advanced theft protection system brought into use by LifeLock attracts more and more people towards its services. The registration process is very convenient and can be accomplished with little effort.

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