Friday, February 13, 2009

Elephant Museum

If you take a trip to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesian, one of the places you need to visit is the National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia which located at Merdeka Barat Road. This museum is one of the extant European influences, especially the spirit of enlightenment Century, appearing on approximately 18 centuries. It was built in 1862 by the Government of the Netherlands under the Governor-General JCM Radermacher the organization as a response Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen aimed analyze scientific research in the Netherlands Indies.

The National Museum, known as the Museum Gajah which means elephant museum since there stand an elephant statue as a gifts from King Chulalongkorn from Thailand in 1871.

Museum collecting many ancient objects from all over Indonesia where the collections is divided into various categories in ethnography, bronze, prehistoric, ceramics, textiles, numismatik, historical relics, and precious objects.Notes on the website National Museum shows that in 2001 the collection has reached 109,342 units. The number of collections that make this museum is known as the most complete in Indonesia. In 2006 the number of collection already exceed 140,000 units, but new third can be shown to the audience.

Collection of Sculptures Bhairawa interesting is the highest statue in the National Museum with a high 414 cm this is a manifestation of the god Lokeswara or Awalokiteswara, which is a manifestation Boddhisatwa (emission Buddha) in the earth. The statue is a man standing over dead bodies and aligning and holding a skull cup of the skull and left in the hands of the keris (a wavy double-bladed dagger) in the style of Arabic in the right, found in Roco Padang, West Sumatra. The statue is estimated to come from this century to 13 - 14. Buddhist sculpture collection at the Museum is the oldest form of Dipangkara Buddha statue made of bronze, bronze in the space saved in the glass box apart, with a different fate Buddha statue, the oldest Hindu statue in the archipelago, namely Vishnu Cibuaya (about 4M) is located a stone statue in the room without text labels and obstructed by statue of Ganesha from the temple Banon.

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