Friday, March 20, 2009


This was a story about a king and his adviser. One day they were going for hunting to a jungle. They search for animal target but they found nothing and more of that the king got an accident; his finger was cut by his sword the time he cut trees around him with angry because he didn’t find the animal. After his hurt cured, the king still feel painfulness and asked to his adviser what must to do now to eliminate his painful? The adviser replied that the king couldn’t do anything except thanks to God, because whatever happened to our life there must be a blessing. Hearing the answer the king was unhappy and anger; ‘Are you crazy, man? Your king in painfulness must say grateful for that?” and in his anger the king ordered to his body guards to sent the adviser to jail, and after that soon the king promote a new adviser.

Three years after, in a jungle when the king was hunting, a primitive ethnic was arrested the king and his adviser, then the primitive make the king and the adviser as sacrifice in their ritual. Fortunately the time primitive people check his body they found one of the fingers of the king was flawed and they was think that couldn’t be as a sacrifice. Then primitive people released the king only the adviser was killed for the sacrifice.

As soon as he reached the palace, the king commanded to release the adviser from the jail and bring to face him. The king asked for apologize because was sent the adviser to jail for the advise was proven of correctness, and the king said if he understood to what the adviser was saying that whatever happened to our life there must be a blessing “You can imagine if my finger was not cut, so this day I was killed along with my adviser for sacrifice by the primitive people. Start from now your position as my adviser is back”.
The adviser said “you need no ask me apologize my Lord, I am very grateful to you was sending me to a jail for three years because if you didn’t, that’s mean the man who was killed as a sacrifice it’s me!”

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