Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadan, the Month of Fasting

Today is the fifth day of Ramadan where every Muslims in the whole word except invalids, insane, infants or those on a journey are doing fast -- but those who do not observe the fast due to illness or incapacity of any sort or because of being on a journey should observe the fast on an equal number of other days. Those who cannot observe the fast at all should arrange to feed a poor and needy person during the period of the fast.—

Fasting is good both for physical as well as spiritual health. It promotes self discipline, physical, and moral strength. It reinforces the bonds of human sympathy. It is a great virtue to endure hunger and thirst for winning the pleasure of God.

Fasting has its advantages from the point of view of health and hygiene. According to the health expert, fasting has been found to be an effective treatment for psychological and emotional disorders. It helps a person to firm up his will, cultivate and refine his taste and manners, strengthen his conviction of doing good, avoid controversy, petulance and rashness, which all contribute towards a sane and healthy personality. Besides nurturing resistance and ability to face hardships and endurance, fasting reflects on outward physical appearance by cutting out gluttony and getting rid of excess fat. The benefits of fasting on health do not stop there but are instrumental in alleviating a number of physical diseases, including those of the digestive systems, such as chronic stomachache, inflammation of the colon, liver diseases, indigestion, and conditions such as obesity, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, asthma, diphtheria and many other maladies.

Scientists suggest that fasting should be regarded as an effective means of restoring youthfulness and longevity.

So, happy Ramadan!

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