Monday, August 17, 2009

Think Your Health

The main function of red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to body tissue and replace it with carbon dioxide. Iron-containing protein in red blood cells, the hemoglobin. If you are tired, perhaps because of lack hemoglogin. You may feel short of breath when you are working, because of lack iksigen and the formation of carbon dioxide in body cells. Serious case of anemia that cause fatigue.

Increased iron requirement in pregnant women and nursing mothers, infants in the rapid growth, and parents with percernaan problems, menstrual women and young girls.
Women who are menstruating susceptible to anemia because of blood loss experienced monthly. Anemia is also caused by the lack of other blood, or due to mal absorption of iron. Anemia can be caused by lack of certain blood cells or chronic disease. Anemia can also result from disease and infection that destroys red blood cells such as malaria, the opposite reaction to some drugs and hemilitik anemia, which can occur in autonium disease. Red blood cells are abnormally shaped, such as pad spherocytosis or red blood cells containing abnormal hemoglobin such as thalasemia, vulnerable to damage, which can cause anemia.

A strict vegetarian at high risk for anemia due to iron deficiency or vitamin B12.
Green vegetables, sepereti prescribed below, useful for people with any type of anemia. This is because molekuk klorotil on green foliage is very similar to the hemoglogin molecules. Many green vegetables contain iron and vitamin K.

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