Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today I will invite you to visit Banten province, an area not far from the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.
In this region many attractions, especially the tourist beaches you can visit. Among them are Salira Indah, Merak, Pulorida, Pulau Sangiang, Cilegon, Anyer, Karang Bolong, Carita, Bagedur and Tanjung Panto.

The Banten province had the potential for the tour that almost was unlimited. From the nature tour, the coastal tour, the history tour, the pilgrimage tour, the industrial tour, the tour agro, to the expenses tour. Because of this, was not abundant if from this 2007, was drafted and organised to make the Banten Province the destination (the aim) the tour, both for Indonesian Archipelago tourists and foreign tourists. Nevertheless, was as happy as the thick territory religious nuances and the cultural tradition as well as really appreciated the values of the culture, then Banten must continue to become the aim of the cultured tour, in line with the Banten tourism point of view that is making Banten the Wisata Destination that was cultured, Profesi and Competitive.

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