Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Duplicate File Finder Software

Nowadays our computers generally have a large capacity of hard drives that may also be divided into several partitions or drives. Some people, with the amount of available hard drive capacity will be making a habit with casually save files from various sources, without thinking whether a file has been stored or not. This could be supported by custom set of storage locations that are not good. Over time duplicate files that may occur on the hard disk will take a big space.

If you feel that the habit of storing and documenting the files on your computer allows storage of the same files in different folders is a problem now, I think it is time to you to delete one of them, so that the remaining disk space will be re-grow. For that purpose you need a duplicate file finder software as Duplicate File Finder can help you find duplicate files that are located in one or more folders. The duplicates are presented as groups and you can either manually check the files to be processed or use the auto-check feature to automatically check files with older file dates. Additional options allow you to exclude files from being auto-checked if they match certain criteria (extension, size, string etc.). The selected files can then be deleted or moved to a different folder. Other features include an integrated preview, system file protection, support for removable media and more.

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