Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here is the rainy season, in some places instead of flooding. While cold like this there is one type of drink that I really like, that is Bandrek. The Bandrek is a traditional drink of the Sundanese of West Java, Indonesia. This drink is suitable to serve in times of cold, as in times of rain or night.
Materials most important principle is ginger and brown sugar, but certain areas to add their own spice to warm more felt, like lemon grass, pepper, pandanus, chicken eggs, and so on. Milk can be added or not, depending on the taste. Many people believe will efficacy for minor ailments such as sore throats. There is also a devoted bandrek for adults because the effects of heat.

If you want to try, please make yourself, I include the recipe here.

Materials Required:
• drinking water = 1 liter
• pandanus leaves = 2
• clove = 5 points
• ginger (roasted and crushed) = 100 grams
• brown sugar (finely combed) = 200 grams
• cinnamon = 5 cm
• salt = half a teaspoon

How to Prepared:
• all the ingredients combined into a single unit
• boiled until the water is boiling and remove the smell bandrek
• lift and filtered through a fine sieve
• Serve in warm conditions

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