Friday, August 13, 2010


As I wrote before that I just went back from Lampung. Lampung is located at the southern tip of Sumatra, Lampung is one of the connection rute between Java and Sumatra. With geographical location, natural resources and unique cultures, Lampung many offer tourist attractions, both natural and cultural.

Natural beauty of the Bay of Lampung, Krakatau archipelago in the middle of the ocean, Way Kambas National Park, Bukit Barisan National Park and other tourist objects scattered, should be an attractive place to be visited.

Lampung topography contains several kind of plain land, such as hilly land to mountainous. This area includes the spines of the Bukit Barisan, in the west coast of Lampung. This area of vegetation due to these conditions is generally covered by primary and secondary forests are verdant all year round.

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