Friday, August 6, 2010

Unspoilt Nature

A week ago I and some friends went to agrabinta a region in southern Cianjur to attend the funeral of the father of a friend. Although the journey to get there was so far and tiring but all have been treated for a fascinating travel experience. How not, along the way we were treated by the natural beauty that is still "virgin" was very spectacular natural scenery.

Agrabinta is an area in Cianjur district, West Java, located on the southern coast and borders the district of Sukabumi. To get there from Jakarta we have to travel around more than 200 km, passing through several tea plantations, forests of teak, rubber plantation also coconut plantation.

On the way back from there, we had stopped in coconut plantations , to view the activity of a family of farmers who are processing the water that dripped from the intercepts in a coconut tree to become sugar.

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