Monday, November 15, 2010


Decision PointsTalking about email I think you are agreeing with me that anybody must be fell frustrated with spam to their email address and deleted it before they read. For example I get about 200 emails a week and more than 50 percent I deleted it before I read because of them are spam.

If you are an email marketer and you feel that email can provide leads much more interested in what is being offered and you don’t want your mail known as a spam because you are realized that spam is never helpful and sending it will never have any positive impact on your business and more of that as I wrote above that usually people deleted it without read it before. I think you can get solution for the problem through permission based email marketing because doesn’t like spam, permission email marketing involve only sending emails to people who have requested to receive them. Permission email marketing is all about turning those we do not know into friends and then those friends into customers. By focusing on prospects that are really interested in your offer you have a much better chance of turning them into customers.

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