Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drink of Coffee Leaves

Coffee is one drink that has the most fans in the world. But drinking coffee made from the leaves of coffee of course strange to most people.

It is a habit that in addition to the west Sumatran communities to enjoy the coffee, they also make a drink of coffee leaf material.

Leaves the coffee they harvest is processed into a typical drink called Kawa daun. Young coffee leaves to dry roasted first and blackish brown. The result is then boiled for hours over wood-fired stove.

To be more enjoyable, Kawa leaves must be served with coconut shells. It feels good, a bit like green bean juice taste

A famous place that sells coffee leaves drinks  is in Pondok Goreng Mangkuto, located at Tanjung Baru, district of Tanah Datar.

Price of the daun Kawa in this place is about rp 2000 ((±  17 cent).per glass. It's just that they serve the drink tend to be too sweet, so for those who do not like overly sweet drinks should be ordered for a sugar made little or no use sugar.

Bukitsangin and surrounding area are producing coffee beans. This area is located on the winding roads between Payakumbuh and Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Eve is cool is perfect for enjoying a glass of warm Kawa leaves accompanied with tofu or fried bananas.

Surrounding communities believe that this nutritious beverage to refresh the body and can treat various diseases.

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