Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tower Clock Of Mecca

Talking about Mecca, beside Kaaba and Masjidil Haram (the Grand Mosque), the other building which has more interested to me during I was there was the Tower Clock of Mecca. What a coincidence that I stayed in a hotel which located just next to the tower so then it can be seen more details this 600 meters tall of the tower. Tower Clock  of Mecca is very similar to Big Ben, but if Big Ben just only 94.8 meters in height and only 6.9 meters in width, while Mecca clock tower has 600 meters in high with a width of 45 meters.

This clock can be seen from four directions, lit by two million lights illuminated LED. At the top of the tower we can read an Arabic alphabet الله أكبر meaning "God is the Greatest" while on the inside of the green clock have the Saudi Arabian State emblem in the form of two crossed swords with a palm tree in the open space between the two of swords.
Another uniqueness of the Tower Clock of Mecca that every prayer time come; 21 thousand light green and white will be glowing. It's a sign to remind Muslims to prayer. These lights can be seen from a distance of 18 miles or 28.8 kilometers.
The existence of this tower seems to have rivaled BigBen presence in London, England which has been the international standard time of Greenwich Mean Time.
Establishment Tower  Clock of Mecca also aims to become the world standard time. During these 125 years, the international community recognizes only one standard time clock that is calculated from 0 degrees longitude that passes through Greenwich Observatory. This standard is to be challenged Mecca.


  1. Love the tower clocks. Specially this BigBen clock of London.

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  3. I was in Mecca two years ago and i was impressed. Unfortunately i had no time to visit it very well because i was there for only two days, but i hope to visit it again very soon. I recommend this place, it is very nice.