Monday, June 18, 2007

Coloring Pages for Kids

Guys, time has change if in the past when we are kids we will be happy if got coloring books and color pencils from our parents, so this time I think our kids will be more happy if we give them a PC than that’s things because our kids who like coloring the picture this time possible to do their hobbies by online. Especially this time The Doll Palace offers Free Coloring Pages section that allows our kid to upload pen-and-ink artwork and create their own interactive online coloring games. They possible color the pictures online and even view the colorings by others in The Doll Palace.

Actually The Doll Palace is created for teenage girls but is also applicable for any kids. The Free Coloring Pages allow using existing pictures and filling them with kid favorite colors selected from the palette. All kid need to do is select a color and then click on the area in the picture that you would like to “fill”.

Not only dolls, Free Coloring Pages also offer foods, animals, sports, educational, religion, transportation and more. To kids who know how to draw, they can upload their pictures and color them and save it in they project when they are done. Publish to their friends around the globe to look at it. I am quite sure this is a great fun for our kids.

For detail you just need visit The Doll Palace.

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