Friday, January 29, 2010

Earthquake victims still need our help!


Our volunteers are maintaining a solid presence in Port-Au-Price. Humanity First has taken a multi-national response approach to this disaster, with volunteers from US, Canada, and UK operations working hand in hand on the ground. Our first response team returned last weekend from Haiti, while the second team replaced them in parallel. The third batch of physicians, registered nursing, EMR professionals and the supporting logistics focused personnel are leaving this Friday.

Humanity First action to date

  • More than 35 volunteers have been sent to serve at Port-Au-Prince relief camp
  • More than 2000 injured patients have been provided medical treatment and care
  • Medicines and medical supplies worth thousands of dollars have been dispensed to the injured patients
  • A large team of dedicated volunteers back in the US have been working round the clock to engage more volunteers to be ready for deployment in Haiti. Other team members have been providing logistics arrangements, and raising funds through various events, individual and corporate donors like yourself.

Next steps

The HFUSA leadership team is in high gear and meeting every day to plan for not only continuing the medical relief operations, but also planning the rebuilding phase in Haiti. The infrastructure and property damage in Port-Au-Prince region is colossal and we expect to be driving several rebuilding projects in the near future.

How you can help

The number of patients being treated at Humanity First medical camp is increasing by the day. There is a large number of earthquake victims with infectious wounds and there is a great risk of these infections spreading rapidly. We request your continued support through financial donations. We need to continue rotating our volunteers in the field, provide them with medicines and supplies, and plan for rebuilding projects to get our Haitian brethren get back on their feet. This can only happen with your continued financial donations AND being an ambassador of Humanity First in your social circles!

At this time, the best ways to help is by donating cash. There are various ways to donate, including credit or debit card payments, PayPal, setting up online bank payments, or mailing a check to Humanity First at the following address:

Humanity First USA
300 E.Lombard Street, Suite 840
Baltimore, MD 21202

Donate Today!

I thank you again for your continued support,

Munum Naeem

Executive Director
Humanity First USA

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